The River Camp is there to stay!

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 |

Friday September 1st, River Camp, Gaspé

Yesterday’s torrential downpour forced us to have a slow evening. Lit by
the glow of candles and lulled by the drip of raindrops on tarps, some
of us played Scrabble, while others read out loud. Today, despite the
constant drizzle, the mood remains energetic at the River Camp. We have
learned that Junex will suspend work for four months, providing time for
the MMS as well as the band councils of Gespeg, Gesgapegiag and Listuguj
to hold public consultations for the residents of these three reserves
to give input on fossil fuel development projects on unceded Mi`gmak

Three weeks ago, an anonymous blockade of the access road to the Galt
sites considerably destabilized the oil company, which until this point
had been operating under the radar as much as possible, not even having
held a preliminary public consultation on their project. We want to
underscore the fact that this new development, which was announced
yesterday by the band councils, would probably never have happened
without the enormous efforts of the many people struggling on the
those who were active during the blockade, the indigenous people and
settlers who have been working together at the River Camp, as well as
the environmental groups who have been struggling for years in Gaspésie.

The River Camp is alive, active, and here to stay. The temporary halt of
Junex’s work is no guarantee that the work will stop forever, nor does
it signal the end of fossil fuel exploitation on the territory. We are
thus determined to pursue this struggle. The River Camp is a place for
organizing, sharing information and exchanging ideas. The need for such
spaces, which inspire and make waves far beyond the limits of the camp
as such, remains essential. We want an active public conversation, one
that takes place horizontally, and it is this that we will continue to
nurture. The strength of the relationships created or maintained by the
camp is significant.

In this perspective, we reaffirm our call for a week of actions,
starting with a demo in Gaspé on the 4th of September. Join us for the
march at 14h, after a delicious corn roast! And pass by the Camp by the
River at any time, whether for a brief stay, to talk around the fire, or
for a long term involvement. We also invite you to our banner-making and
circus workshops, as well as a slam night on September 2nd. The last
rays of summer sunshine are giving way to the coolness of autumn, and we
are still there, enthusiastic and determined.