Extraction in the region

(taken from http://www.tache-dhuile.info/rub/luttes/ , text slightly edited)


The territories of struggle have not stopped multiplying in Gaspé:

  • exploration and extraction continues with Petrolia, Junex, MundiRegina, Resources Qc and others
  • transportation of petrol with CTI, Transcanada and CN

The penninsula is under attack from every direction, without consultation with the settler habitants nor the indigenous peoples (a backdoor deal with a band council leader does not count!) and the government is relying on the oil companies as the only sources of information. Everything is at stake: the gradual transformation these territories into a world entirely reliant on oil and gas. There is pressure from out west; the tar sands are looking for a port out east to transport their oil and pressure at home : young exploration companies are looking to establish themselves and see their stocks grow in Toronto.

The consequences are disastrous, notably for the quality of water in the Gaspé penninsula. We risk saying goodbye to the ability to drink our water, grow food from ground or fish in the rivers. 

Here are the regions threatened :


The exploration projects of shale de Macasty on the island by Resources Québec, Pétrolia, Corridor Ressources and Saint-Aubin E&P, even Resources Québec with Junex

CTI Belledune

A port project lead by Chaleur Terminals Inc., that will be situated in the Baie-des-Chaleurs in New Brunswick. It involves the transportation by train of crude oil from the tar sands of Alberta, across the province and the territory of the Matapédia Valley. Therafter, the oil will be held at Belledune and exported by supertankers elsewhere. These supertankers will make the Baie-des-Chaleurs their home, with all the risks that that involves. 

This project will be put in place quite quickly, as the circuitry for this transportation already exists and very little authorization is necessary. It is important for the tar sands as well, since their constant expansion is ‘needed’ to justify their existance. The project seeks to export 1.2 millions of barrels each week in the first phase of the project, and much more in subsequent phases. Cleary strong resistance to this project is needed…


Junex Galt

A horizontal drilling site in the west of Gaspé


A project of exploration in the peninsula, lead by the society of Mundiregina Resources and their subsidiary : ABBA Quebec Resources.

Petrolia Haldimand

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